How To Do Hair Highlights For Blonde Hair

Women all around the world love to get blonde highlights and dye their hair blonde. But what color dye do naturally blonde-haired women get? What if blondes want balayage hair highlights?

This blog will answer all the questions a blonde-haired woman has concerning hair highlights.

Hair Highlights For Blonde Hair

A blonde woman can also get their hair highlighted and there are so many options to bring out a different color for the hair. Let’s see below what color highlights can be done on blonde hair. Basically, blonde hair is naturally porous and thinner in texture than darker colored hair. You should always opt for darker colored highlights for blonde hair rather than going even more light blonde.

When a darker-haired woman wants to go blonde or get blonde highlights, then the first step is to bleach the hair and then apply blonde color to actually get the blonde in the hair. But when you want to add highlights on naturally blonde hair then you do not need to bleach them but the hairdresser can directly apply the color on your hair. This way you are protecting your hair texture and applying fewer chemicals. But in some instances when dark blondes want to go very light blondes then bleach needs to be applied to get the effect of the light blonde color.

Red, Burgundy, Or Auburn

Red looks really hot blonde with naturally blonde hair. Imagine the contrast of naturally blonde hair with highlights of red escaping from them. You can even go for a burgundy color or an auburn shade. This will give your blonde hair more volume and a more fuller appearance and add depth to your hair. But in order to get the best result, go to an expert hairdresser who skillfully applies the highlights and does not mess up your hair.

Shades Of Brown

There is a myriad of brown shades to choose from and you can go anywhere from deep chocolate browns towards light brown. Or better yet add two color highlights, one a dark brown and one a light brown. The brown and blonde color will create a mesmerizing bronde and will enhance your skin tone and uplift the look and texture of your hair.

This will bring out a beautiful warm tone in your hair. The process can be complicated and will require the pre-coloring of bleach as well to bring out the exact shades of browns on blondes.

Rainbows And Peacocks

Why not go to major extremes when highlighting blonde hair? You can try the rainbow colors as they will synchronize perfectly with your blonde hair or the cool peacock blues to accentuate the tones of your blonde hair. These colors are hip and trendy and naturally blonde women can carry them with ease. If you are unsure of how they will look then you can get only certain chunks of hair highlighted or get these colors highlighted at the base of your hair which can be visible with a high ponytail or half-tied hair.

Go Platinum Or White

White is the new blonde. Your hair is a canvas and you can experiment all you can. Why not be different and go for an icy platinum blonde shade with cool undertones. You can even opt for a white shade and be prepared to look like a snow queen. But mind you your skin color should be warm to complement these hair highlights as pale skin will not suit this light color.

The mixture of blonde with platinum highlights will take your hair to a whole new level. But this color is high maintenance and you will need regular touch-ups and proper hair care as hair will become very porous.


Whatever shade you choose, make sure you take extra care of your hair as hair color can dry out and damage your hair and change its texture. Go for purple shampoos which have anti brassiness and anti-fading properties and keep your hair color looking fresh and healthy. For the best hair highlights results, choosing a top rated hair salon Rockville is a must. You don’t want to go to a salon that has inexperienced hairstylists who will turn your hair orange, too dark, or too light. Choose wisely!