Benefits of Family Planning

Family planning is helpful in any society because of the limited resources available. Poverty-stricken countries lack family planning, and you will gain knowledge about that here


The chance to decide when or when to have children is a basic human right, and it is the answer to economic empowerment. This is especially important for the poor. However, in a lot of developing countries, this is being undermined by having no access to modern and safe forms of contraception.

Deciding to start a family is among the most crucial choices someone can make. In addition, to it being a fundamental human right, only adults must have the right to decide when they want to conceive and how often. Abortion clinics dc are more common now because of this.

Minimized Pregnancy Complications

Family planning is helpful when it comes to protecting women from undergoing any health risks that may happen before, during, or even after childbirth. Those complications include gestational diabetes, infections, gestational diabetes, stillbirth, and miscarriage.

Based on studies, women who have more than 4 children are at a higher risk for maternal mortality, which is why they have to plan ahead. Women who become pregnant after 35 may be vulnerable to health risks, which is why they should be protected by careful planning. In addition, reducing unintended pregnancies, and family planning avoids unsafe abortion.

Economic Stability and Workforce Contraception

Having access to contraception, allowing more young women to take part in the labor force and can significantly contribute to the earning power of women and decrease the gender pay gap.

This causes recent recommendation enforcement to promote government growth because they will only focus on narrowing down the gender gap which continues to hold women back in getting an education, being employed, and becoming entrepreneurs.

Cut Down on Infant Mortality Rate

When there is an unplanned pregnancy, there is not enough time, or it is too closely spaced. This impacts the mother’s health, which affects the health and safety of the unborn child. In addition, the infant will have more risk of dying and develop weak health in case the mother dies during labor.

Better Happiness and Mental Health

Women who go through unintended pregnancy and have unplanned childbirth are more prone to depression, anxiety, and their levels of happiness are lower.

This can affect the well-being of their children because they cannot be full-functioning mothers to their children mentally. This is detrimental to their growth and these deserve mentally healthy parents that can raise them properly.

Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Disease

Consistently using contraception protects anyone from unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, and from sexually transmitted diseases (STD). These are AIDS, HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

Some STDS are curable, but they can be painful, irritating, and causes great discomfort. Sometimes, they can be fatal if not treated right away.

These are the benefits of family planning to society. In case you need to get an abortion, do not hesitate to contact a women’s choice clinic dc to receive proper treatment.