How To Keep Hair Straight Overnight To Avoid Straightening In The Morning

Imagine investing your time and energy in straightening your hair or money on a Brazilian blowout salon, and then getting the curls back quickly. A nightmare to all of us ladies, right?

Ahead I’ve mentioned ways to keep your hair straight overnight. So now, you don’t have to spend your important morning hours straightening your hair.

Brush And Blow Dry Your Wet Hair Before Bed

It is the best way to naturally keep your hair straight overnight. Also, this tip will make it easier for you to straighten your hair in the morning. Straightening will take less effort and time, you will be ready more quickly with straight hair and your favorite sunglasses.

All you have to do is wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Then, deep condition them with some product written “smoothing” over it. Now, most of us think that we’re done after this step. But, sleeping with wet hair will give you tangles and waves. So, for more effective results, blow-dry your hair. Or else simply let them air dry before going to bed.

Use An Overnight Protecting Serum

To avoid your efforts getting all in vain, use hair protecting serum. It will help you keep your hair straight overnight. A good hair covering serum contains Argan oil or coconut oil.

Simply press your hair with the flat iron. And when you’re all done, rub some protecting serum on your fingertips and apply it on your hair using downward strokes. Afterward, you can brush your hair again with some fine-tooth brush to ensure the absorbance of the protecting serum.

Pin Your Hair With Curved Bobby Pins

To protect your hair from bouncing and losing its straight texture, you can simply pin your hair. Let me just unfold the whole process in front of you.

Part your hair in two sections:

Separate your hair, creating a midline from the front to the neck. Now put both the sections on the respective side soldiers.

Wrap Each Half Around The Back Of Your Head:

Brush your hair, first forward and then backward. You need to do this brushing technique with both sections. Now wrap each half around the back of your head. That means fold your left side towards the right. And tuck your right side towards the left.

Secure Your Hair With Bobby Pins:

Lastly, secure the ends of your hair with some bobby pins.

Note: If you don’t want to pin your hair due to the risk of dents. Then, you can use any alternative method.

For instance, you can divide your hair backward into 2-4 sections. And then, tie them loosely with rubber bands. A few inches down, tie with more rubber bands. And so on till the end. This will help you reduce the bounce in your hair and keep your hair straight.  Keep in mind, tightening the band might give your hair kinks.

Keep Your Room Temperature Low

Another factor that will lead your hair to regain its natural texture is humidity. Therefore, it is best to keep your room temperature low. Use an air conditioner. Or else, turn on the fan. And if it’s winter, at least keep the window open to help air circulate through the room.

Keeping your hair and scalp dry is important or else, you’ll end with frizzy hair.

Tie Your Hair Into A Loose Top-Bun

Tying up your hair will protect them from pressure and press. So, there’s another way to keep your hair straight overnight.  And that is making a loose top-bun.

For that, brush your hair first. And then, gather them all up like you do to make a ponytail. But, instead of gripping your hair with a rubber band, fold them loosely into a top bun. Lastly, tie the bun with a loose fabric scrunch. Never grab the bun with a band too tightly. Or else you’ll end up having dents and kinks.

Sleep On A Silk Or Satin Pillowcase

This simple trick will help you keep your hair effortlessly straight till morning. Satin or silk is a soft fabric. So, when you get your pillow covered with silk, there will be less pressure on your hair. Also, your hair gets rubbed with the pillow smoothly. Hence, resulting in no kinks or curls.

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