Guide On How To Take Care Of Your Fashionable Sunglasses

If you have designer sunglasses or any other high-quality sunglasses you know that they don’t come cheap. To keep your sunglasses looking great for long you have to take good care of them. To help you out here are tips on how to do it:

Watch how you wear sunglasses

The way you wear the sunglasses determines how long they will last. One of the most common mistakes made by many people is wearing the glasses at the top of the head. While this might save you the trouble of removing them completely in order to clean your eyes, it distorts the shape of your glasses. There is also the risk of the glasses falling off and getting damaged. To be on the safe side you should never put your glasses at to the top of your head.

It’s common for the glasses to drop down your nose when you are looking down or reading.  When this happens, the first thing that people do is stick their finger on the nosepiece in order to push the glasses up. While this puts the units where you want them, it puts pressure on the nose pads and at the center of the frame resulting in damage. When the glasses drop down, the best way of going about it is by grasping the lenses using your thumb and fingers and slowly move the glasses to where you want them.

When removing the glasses, avoid doing it with one hand—do it with both hands. This is to avoid misaligning the earpieces.

Regularly inspect the glasses and fix loose screws

Due to the regular removal of the glasses, it’s common for the screws in the units to get loose. To prevent the screws from coming off you have to tighten them regularly. To have an easy time you should purchase an eyeglass repair kit that comes with a tiny screwdriver that helps you to easily tighten the loose screws.

Keep the sunglasses clean

This is probably the most common method of maintaining your fashionable sunglasses. To give your units a clean look you should use a gentle lens solution to clean them. To avoid scratches, never wipe the lenses when they are dry. Also, avoid using paper towels or any other rough materials. If you have prescription sunglasses, be keener when cleaning them as they are more delicate than their non-prescription counterparts.

5 Features To Look Out For When Buying Fashionable Sunglasses

Are you planning of buying fashionable sunglasses? Here are the features that you should look out for when making the purchase:

Sunglasses material

If you have bought designer sunglasses or any other high-quality glasses before you are aware that they don’t come cheap. Due to this the last thing that you want is to buy new ones every now and then. To ensure that your units last for a long time ensure that the lenses are made from a tough material that won’t break easily. One of the best materials that you should go for is polycarbonate. This is a thin plastic that is able to resist impact. While you should go for units made from a tough material, the tough material is more important when you are buying sport sunglasses.

Sunglasses tint

Sunglasses come in different tints. The most common tints are gradient and standard solid. Gradient tint sunglasses come with a darker color at the top and lighter color at the bottom of the lens. Glasses with this type of tint are ideal for people that want better light when reading. A standard solid tint is a tint that remains constant throughout the sunglasses. It’s good to note that the tint can be made from any color.

Anti-reflective coating on the sunglasses

Popularly known as anti-glare, this is a feature that decreases annoying glare and also cuts down on scattered light and reflections. In sunglasses, anti-glare is applied to the backside of the lens where it minimizes glare from reflected sunlight that bounces back into your eyes from unwanted obscurations. This feature isn’t mandatory, but it’s good to have it if you want to wear your sunglasses comfortably for long.

Sunglasses anti-fog treatments

If you live in areas that are prone to plenty of fog, it’s wise that you go for sunglasses with the anti-fog treatments. The treatment simply prevents fog from forming on the glasses thus you are able to see clearly without the need of removing the glasses every now and then to clear the fog.

Mirror coating on the sunglasses

The mirror coating not only makes your sunglasses look cool, but it also aids in reducing brightness when you are swimming or snow skiing. The coating is applied on the surfaces of the glasses and reflects light rays.

These are the features that you should consider when buying sunglasses. To buy high-quality units ensure that you buy from a reputable sunglasses store.