How To Make Your Pre-Wedding Parties Better

Wedding season is here and everyone loves a good pre-wedding party. If you are out of ideas as to what to do for a good and memorable pre-wedding party and when to look for a venue and tent rentals, then keep on reading.

Engagement Party

So, you got engaged and want to tell everyone but in a more fancy setting? Well, an engagement party is a perfect event for you. It consists of a small gathering, depending on who you want to invite. Usually, it’s the people closest to you and the fiancé to who you want to break the wonderful news to. It has a small announcement and then a small dinner.

An engagement party can be done in your house too if you have the space for the guests.  The main goal here is to have everyone you love gathered together for some good food and the wonderful news you are sharing. It is a good time and people get a chance to mingle with each other.

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a party for the girls. It is done a few weeks before the wedding and it is to officially announce that the wedding is near. It is usually organized by your closest female friends and they help you get ready and organize the place where the event will take place. You usually take a lot of pictures and the bride also gets to wear a sash, which says “Bride to be”. It is a small and intimate gathering with loads of fun, good food, and of course gifts.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

This is for the men and women in your life. This party can be done a few days before the wedding or even a little late. It is usually done before the rehearsal dinner. For this, the guys and the groom have a boys’ night out with fun and activities while the girls and the bride get to have their own fun too. This is a very fun and quirky event and sometimes, people might even go to different destinations for the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. This is organized by your friends and it’s a good and fun time overall.

A Girls Night

This is another great girls’ night option for you if your friends can’t make it to some of the important events mentioned above. You can have a very chill and relaxed adult slumber party where all of your friends, near or far can join you.

You girls can get your nails done at a salon, do some skincare and watch some movies to set the mood. It’s a very low-key event and it’s a great time to catch up with your girl friends. You will not regret doing this for your friends and you will feel so much content with the company surrounding you, nearing your big day.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a fake wedding reception. But it is necessary because it gives you a good time chunk on how much time it will take for you to get to the reception from the wedding altar and what will be the activities at the reception venue. The rehearsal dinner also includes the practice of speeches given by the bride, groom, and their friends and family. It is a necessary event and it takes place right before the wedding, about a day or two before. You will be thankful for this gathering where you can meet your family and friends a day before your big day.

Welcome Party

A welcome party is a small gathering which is done for the people who are coming to your wedding from a long way or another city or country. They usually can’t make it to these small events, so organizing a wedding welcome party is a must for these people. It will be a good event and people will get a chance to see other family members and of course, the bride and groom and it will be a great bonding time overall.


There you have it! These pre-wedding party ideas are great and some of them are the good old ones which everyone will enjoy. Include trusted party rentals Clarksburg in your plans and throw amazing parties.