What Is Hair Relaxing And Does It Have Any Benefits?

If you have lots of frizz in your hair and want to tame the unruly mess, then there are a lot of ways by which you can do so. If you go to a Brazilian keratin salon, you will see that they provide various methods of chemical hair straightening. One of those treatments is a hair relaxing treatment. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Hair Relaxing Treatment

Straight hair is preferred by a lot of women out there, but for the ones with extremely curly hair, normal hair straightening treatments like keratin treatment, perms, and rebonding don’t do much. Rather, they damage the hair even more and lead to a lot of frizz. But there’s a special treatment that is used on women with curly hair, and that’s a hair relaxing treatment.

A hair relaxing treatment specifically caters to women with tight curls and waves who need something stronger to tame their mane and make it look straight, sleek, and smooth. A hair relaxing treatment works in the same way as any other hair straightening treatment does, and that’s to straighten and tame the hair by breaking the protein bonds in the hair and making it sleek and straight. The main difference between a hair relaxing treatment and other hair straightening treatments is that a hair relaxing treatment is perfect for someone with extremely thick hair and the results are amazing.

A lot of the time, women with curly and thick hair are not satisfied with the results from a keratin treatment and the common complaint is that the frizz and curly texture still lingers, even after the treatment and there’s no way to make it look sleek straight. However, a hair relaxing treatment shows great results and it straightens even the curliest and thickest of hair.

A hair relaxing treatment consists of a hair relaxing lotion, which is applied to the hair and is allowed to sit for some time, about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the thickness of the hair. There are several chemicals in the relaxing lotion, which loosens the curl in the hair and “relaxes” the locks, making it look straight at the end. After the time is up, the hair is rinsed and dried, and then a neutralizer is applied to set the hair in place, along with some moisturizing conditioner, which will tame any remaining frizz and prevent it from building in the future too.

The end result will be straight and relaxed hair that doesn’t only look and feel manageable, but also feels healthy, unlike other treatments, which can strip the hair of its moisture and make it look damaged and brittle. A hair relaxing treatment will usually last for about 5 to 8 weeks, depending on how much you take care of it.

Benefits Of Hair Relaxing Treatment

Here are some amazing benefits of a hair relaxing treatment:

Easy To Style

Relaxed hair is very easy to style. With curly hair, there can be a lot of hurdles when trying to find the perfect hairstyle, but if you go with a hair relaxing treatment, it will make your mane so much more manageable and you can try out any hairstyle that your heart desires and it will look amazing every single time.

Gives You Tangle-Free Hair

Curly hair can be a nightmare to de-tangle, but there’s no need to worry anymore because a relaxing treatment will save the day for you. This treatment makes the hair texture a lot more smooth and even and it doesn’t lead to any unwanted tangles either.

The hair will be silky and you won’t experience your locks getting tangled, even if they get tousled, messy, or bouncy.

Adds Length To The Hair

Curly hair is coiled very tightly around its shaft, so naturally, it will look very short in appearance. When the curl is relaxed though, it will add those extra inches to the length of your hair and make it look very flowy and gorgeous.

If you want to rock long locks, then a hair relaxing treatment is a perfect and quick thing to do, because it will not only make your hair look straighter, but also longer, and for a lot of women, that’s a huge plus.

Zero Frizz

With curly hair, it almost seems impossible to get rid of frizz, but a hair relaxing treatment will make it happen. You can see for yourself, after the treatment, that there’s literally no frizz or hair sticking up on your scalp or other problem areas. It is truly a miracle treatment for everyone with curly hair out there.

Is Hair Relaxing Dangerous?

All hair straightening treatments come with their set of merits and demerits. One of the biggest downsides of this treatment is the damage it imparts to the hair. The chemicals used on the hair for relaxing the strands can be very harsh, and if you overdo the treatment, then it can certainly lead to damage, like breaking of the hair from the middle and extreme hair fall. Your hair might also look unhealthy and very dry if you don’t take care of it.

This is why it’s recommended that you don’t go overboard with a relaxing treatment and only get it touched up when there’s an absolute need. If a few strands are starting to get frizzy, then you can manage it by straightening it slightly at home. That doesn’t mean that you need to head to the salon right away and get another relaxing touch-up.

Breaking of the natural hair bonds isn’t healthy for the hair at all, and this is why it’s advised that you take care of the hair, post-treatment and provide a lot of moisturization and deep conditioning.

Moreover, if you have permanent hair extensions, discuss it with the hairstylist in the hair extensions salon Potomac whether you should get a hair relaxing treatment or not.

Maintenance Of Hair Post-Treatment

Here are some maintenance and care tips for a hair relaxing treatment, so that it lasts longer and looks fresh at all times.

  • Use hydrating and moisturizing products on your hair. You might want to look for shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for hair, which eliminate frizz and have keratin in them because your hair will look a lot more healthy.
  • Try to avoid sweat build-up on the hair or scalp. If you want, you can put your hair in a shower cap or a scarf, in order to protect it from getting greasy and wet from sweat, especially during running and exercising.
  • If your hair is growing out, then you might want to visit your hair salon and get the new hair touched up as well. This is going to ensure that your hair looks uniform and straight throughout.
  • You want to oil and massage your hair because it’s going to help lock in moisture and your hair will look and feel very soft and healthy. If you want, you can also look for conditioning hair masks, which will hydrate your hair and make them look silky and smooth at all times. Maintaining hair health is very important, post-treatment.


A hair relaxing treatment is a great option to go for if you have extremely curly hair and want to get rid of the puffiness and frizz. With one visit to a hair straightening salon Potomac, your hair will be transformed and you will love the results.