How Do You Host A Big Dinner Party

One of the biggest achievements is to host a big successful dinner party. But to make it successful, you have to go through a lot of stress, tiredness, anxiety, and turmoil. The result of your stress shows on your guests and no one likes looking at a stressed-out and disheveled host. A big dinner party is not supposed to be stressful. You can get help from your friends and party and tent rentals. When the host is relaxed and happy then the dinner itself will be successful even if there are a few glitches.

Here are the top tips for you to help you host a big and successful dinner party.

Guests And Invites

First of all, stay calm and do not fret, you are going to do alright and the party will be a hit. Write down the people you will be inviting, whether it’s family or close friends, office colleagues or acquaintances. Make sure to invite only people you know and not many new faces to avoid awkwardness. It is a big dinner party after all but you should not over exceed the guest list.

Write proper formal invites on WhatsApp and send them to your guest list. A formal call will also be good for your guest and you will get to know how many people to expect. Make sure to send a reminder 2 days before.


The main part about hosting a big dinner party is food. Do not go overboard in pleasing your guests. It is important to cook good food but a little less salt or a bit of problem in seasoning will not matter. What matters is that you are relaxed and make the evening fun for your guests. Do not try new recipes when you are hosting a big party but make something that you are an expert at and are famous for.

One main dish, one appetizer, one salad, and one sweet dish will be enough. Think of dishes that can be easily made in bulk, are filling, and are easy to prepare.

Also, you should ask your guests if they are allergic to or prefer some foods, but do not make a dish separate for them but look for a mid-way. For instance, you can go for tacos with different filling options or pasta with different ingredients. You can also ask your guests if they would want to bring anything but do not rely on them.


Plan out some board games or card games, put on some nice movies, and some light music. You can also keep a chessboard or if its an outdoor party then a dance floor will keep your guests entertained, or just have a fun night laughing and talking. Keep a cheese, cracker, and hummus board ready for some nibbling till dinner is served.


Make sure to do maximum preparation two days before the dinner. Dessert should be done the night before and do something that is served cold so you don’t need to reheat or bake during the dinner. Take out your dinnerware and cutlery and set it up an hour before the guests arrive.

Keep simple decoration and do not splurge heavily on dinnerware and table linens and use what you have. Do keep all the seasonings such as salt, black pepper, sauces, and other stuff even though you feel your food doesn’t need it because your guests might have different tastes and preferences. The house should be clean and all the arrangements and decor should be intact. Place different scented candles and light them up on the dinner table. Make sure the house or the party venue smells warm and inviting.

Dinner time

Make sure to invite one special friend or your sister to help you out. Get ready and look gorgeous and ignore the jittery butterflies in your stomach. Make sure to serve dinner on time and greet all your guests happily. Do not insist on offering food if your guests refuse once. Make sure the dishwasher is empty so you can wash the dishes after dinner. Accept help if your guests offer and remember a clean house will give you a good night’s sleep.


A good party is about hiring the right party rentals Rockland NY who can arrange things as you want. The most important thing in order to host a big dinner party is to be yourself, eat, laugh, enjoy, have fun and get compliments for hosting the best party ever.