Hair Botox vs Brazilian Blowout

There are so many hair straightening techniques you can choose from when visiting a hair straightening salon. You need to choose something which is best for your hair and makes your hair look the best. Here is everything you need to know about the Brazilian blowout and hair Botox. straightenign treaments

Brazilian Blowout

What Is It?

Brazilian blowout, also known as a keratin treatment, is a type of hair straightening treatment, in which a protein-induced treatment is slathered on your hair. This treatment contains a lot of chemical agents which will break down the frizz in your hair and make it look straight, smooth and shiny, thanks to the protein in the treatment.

After the treatment is washed from your hair, the hair is fused in place with a very hot flat iron. This will seal the deal and make sure that your hairstyle and straightness stay put for a good amount of time.

How Long Does It Last?

A Brazilian blowout can last anywhere from 6 months to 9 months depending on how well you take care of the treatment. It is a semi-permanent hair straightening technique and it is great for women who are tired of the frizz in their hair and want to make their hair look smooth and shiny. You will love the results on your hair and this technique even works for people who have previously colored their hair. There is no restriction or limitation when it comes to a Brazilian blowout.

How To Maintain?

Here are some tips to maintain and make a Brazilian blowout last longer.

  • Try not to wash your hair right after the treatment. It’s best to leave your hair unwashed for a good week or two. This will allow the treatment to sit undisturbed in your hair and it will make the hairstyle last longer.
  • Try to avoid tight hairstyles, like high ponytails and tight buns. This is going to break your hair and produce a lot of frizz.
  • Use products that are meant to make your hair straight and provide the benefits of prolonging your Brazilian blowout.

Hair Botox

How Is It Done?

Most people confuse hair Botox to be a straightening technique for the hair, but, essentially, it only loosens the curls in your hair and makes it look less wavy and frizzy. It doesn’t completely eliminate the waves from your hair and it doesn’t make your hair look straight as a line. This treatment is applied to your hair and then washed off. The great thing is that if you have thin hair and don’t want to weigh your hair down, then hair Botox is perfect for you. It makes the hair look a lot more put together and natural.

Longevity Of Hair Botox

Hair Botox also lasts for a good amount of time. Since it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and other harmful substances, it will not make the hair weak and straighten it too much. It will give you slight waves in your hair and if you love the look of slightly straight and curly hair, then this is the right treatment for you.

It lasts for about a few months, maybe 4 to 5 months, maximum. This treatment is not meant to make your hair straight, so it’s not going to last longer in your hair.

How To Care For Hair Botox?

Here are some caring tips for a hair Botox.

  • Same as a Brazilian blowout, you want to avoid washing your hair right after the treatment is done. You want to wait for a solid week, if not more, if you want to maintain the look of hair Botox.
  • Try to use products that will maintain the natural waves in your hair. If you like the look and want to maintain it, then use curl and wave restoring products.
  • Use protein-induced products, as this will make your hair super smooth and shiny. It will make your hair look natural and healthy.

There you have it! Now that you know everything there is to know about hair Botox and Brazilian blowout, you can easily choose which one is the best option to go for. To be sure, ask hairstylists at a Brazilian blowout salon Potomac about which treatment is better.