Common type of knee injuries

Knee injuries are among the common reasons why people end up at the orthopedic doctors clinic. Well, Orthopedic specialists not only treat the knee injuries, but a wide range of other joint ailments also. However, knee injuries happen to be very common.

In fact, some doctors say that knee injuries are far more common in comparison to other joint issues such as ankles and elbows. And there are many types of knee injuries. However, in this article, we put together the most common ones for you.

If you have pain in your knee, chances are that you are suffering from one of the below mentioned ailments. So, without further ado, let us check these out.

Different knee injuries

Knee joints can be incredibly complicated. They tend to act like door hinges, which allows a person to straighten their legs and to bend. Hence, knees undergo a lot of stress and strain. These allow a person to sit, jump, run, and squat.

Just imagine the number of times your knee joint will have to work on a regular basis. So, it undergoes a lot of work.

The knee in the human body involves four major parts. These include bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Most of the times, issues with the knee start at one of these parts. The following are the most common type of knee injuries:

Fractures of knee

Any bone in the human body can be fractured if more stress is applied to it than it can bear. Mostly when it comes to knee fractures, it is either the kneecap that is suffering or the patella. Fractures can occur due to high impact traumas such as car accidents, falls, and similar issues.

At the same time, some people who suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis, may end up damaging their knees just be tripping. Such people have the highest risk of suffering from knee ailments and fractures.

Anterior ligament injuries

The Anterior ligament injury can happen by landing improperly during a jump or while running. However, such injuries are usually not huge. They are considered as mild injuries that may go away with some amount of rest.

Dislocation of joint

Dislocation of the knee joint happens when the knee caps go out of their alignment. As a result of this, a single or more bones can go out of place. Furthermore, dislocation can also occur due to car accidents, contact sports, falls, and various other issues.

Meniscal tears

When doctors tell you that a cartilage in your knee has been torn, they are mostly referring to Meniscal tears. Simply put, meniscal tears refer to the tearing away of two rubbery wedges in the shinbone and the thighbone. The most common cause of meniscal tears are sports activities.

This is something children often suffer from due to sports. However, sports acitivties are still important for good learning and development. Just make sure that if you are a parent, your child is playing high impact sports in a supervised environment.

When a meniscal tear happens, a person can hear or experience a pop sound in the knee. Soon after the pop sound, the knee joint starts swelling and pain begins. This can increase over the next few days depending on the extent of the injury.


The above-mentioned knee injuries are the most common ones. However, apart from these, many other knee injuries are also possible. Since the knee joint undergoes a lot of work, make sure that you are not overworking it.

Furthermore, while you are playing sports or doing any high impact activities, make sure that you are taking all the safety precautions. This way, you will be able to reduce the chances of knee injuries significantly.

Lastly, if you feel like there could be something wrong with your knee, we suggest you go to a knee doctor Woodbridge right away. Delaying in this case could make things much worse!