Tips to Build a Positive Environment for Learning and Education

If someone asks you what your favorite class was back in grade school, you will probably choose the one that made you feel valued and safe, led by the teacher whom you had a great relationship with. These are all pertinent elements when fostering a positive environment for learning and education.

Here are a few strategies and tips that can be applied from the first day throughout all the months to create the appropriate classroom environment you like your students to be in.

Put Classroom Introductions into Writing

You can write your introduction letter to students then ask them for their own letters in return. It will not just give you the chance to learn more about your class students as it will also give you the opportunity to determine their current level of writing.

Use Icebreakers on the First Day

Breakaway those jitters on the first day with fun team-building exercises or icebreakers with the students. In case you need a few ideas, you can check online to find the best classroom icebreakers.

Craft a Classroom Contract with Your Students

Ask your students to help you come up with a classroom contract that will include the students’ expectations, your expectations as their teacher, and the class norms. It will give them the feeling of being a valuable part of the classroom while letting your building a positive relationship with the students from the get-go.

Let Students Help You with Classroom Decoration

Instead of spending time on classroom decoration during preplanning, you can ask the students to help you identify the best spots to hang pictures, posters, and others. Better yet, you can also hold an introductory activity wherein the finished works of students will be used as classroom decorations. It will give your students a sense of ownership of the appearance of the room.

Explain Class Procedures and Rules with a Touch of Humor

Many classrooms cover expectations and procedures during the initial school week. You can make this commonly dry and dull presentation livelier and more fun with the use of memes and humor.

Communicate with Parents and Students Through Social Media

Creating an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the class will let you add some visual components every time you communicate with parents. This can also serve as a great tool to stay connected with your students.

Use an App to Remind Students and Parents

You can use a free app to help your students and their parents stay informed. With the app, you can simply send text messages, documents, links, photos, and more. The best thing about such apps is that phone numbers are always kept private, making them safe and secure to use.

Create Positive Relationships with the Parents Early On

Although the first few weeks of going back to school tend to be hectic, it is a must to reach out to the parents as early as possible to form positive relationships. You can call parents to inform them about the positive things their children did. The personal touch can help set the perfect tone for the remaining parts of the school year.