What To Know About Silk Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are a classic choice to go for if you’re looking for something luxurious but long-lasting at the same time. These are handmade rugs that make an instant statement. Here is everything you need to know about silk Persian rugs.

Some Are Made Of Artificial Silk

There are authentic silk rugs available, but sometimes, they might also be made out of artificial man-made silk. These rugs tend to be a lot thinner, not tightly woven and they are also quite low quality. The best way to identify artificial silk rugs is by rubbing the carpet.

Real silk will feel very smooth and there won’t be rough edges between each rub. Artificial silk will feel rough to the touch and it doesn’t have the same slip as real silk. This is why you should look for these things when you’re buying a silk Persian rug. Artificial rugs also don’t last long, since they are fragile and light.

They Are Hand-Woven

Real silk rugs are handmade. They are a labor of love and it can anywhere from y to 12 months to complete a small-sized rug. The hand-woven technique is also very intricate and it has a lot of tight knots in it. This makes the rug extremely durable and it also adds to the luxurious feel.

At the end of the rug, frays and tassels are added, according to the rug design. Some might have thick frays and fringes, and other rugs might have small and thin fringes. It really depends on what type of rug is requested by the client.

They Can Be Expensive

Silk rugs are expensive, but Persian silk rugs are like a mini fortune. Sometimes, people cannot justify the price of this rug and this is the only major drawback of this rug. You need to be conscious of the fact that this rug is made completely by hand and the materials used are exquisite and luxurious so these things will come at a cost.

Moreover, include the labor-intensive weaving which is done by skilled workers, so it really comes down to the quality of the rug, which is amazing. If you want to invest in something which will last you for decades to come, then this rug is perfect.

Silk Needs Maintenance

Silk rugs are a bit heavy on the maintenance side than traditional woolen rugs. They need to be cleaned and taken care of in a specific way, otherwise, you will be ruining the rug with your own hands if you don’t follow the correct silk rug cleaning practices. It’s better to have this rug dry-cleaned by a professional. It will cost a bit more than doing it by yourself, but it will be well worth it.

Also, try to avoid any contact with water and it’s best to keep it away from pets because these rugs can be ruined.

Extremely Durable

Silk might be classified as a luxurious and expensive material, but this fine strand holds a lot of strength and it is one of the best and most durable materials for making rugs. Silk rugs are extremely durable and they last for years.

These rugs hold sentimental value and they are passed down to generations as a sentimental gift. This rug really does last a long time and you will be surprised by its amazing quality even after a lot of years have passed, given that you maintain it properly.

Environmentally Friendly

Silk is one of the few materials which are extremely environmentally friendly. These rugs are biodegradable and they impose no harm on you, your surroundings, or other living beings. If you are looking for a rug made out of a material that won’t be harmful to the environment, then silk rugs are the way to go.

Silk comes from a small insect and it is naturally sourced, without killing any animals, unlike wool and leather obtained from sheep and cattle. So, not only this rug is durable, looks amazing, and is a classic yet stylish work of art, but also environmentally sustainable.


There you have it! Silk Persian rugs are an excellent investment and they will last you a long time, given that you take care of them properly. Find silk rugs VA sellers to get your hands on a beautiful silk Persian rug.