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How Do You Fix A Washer That Shakes And Moves

A shaking washing machine or a washer can be irritating. It refers to a situation where the washer vibrates aggressively as it tries to spin. There could be several reasons for that ranging from an uneven surface to a clogged filter. You should have an appliance repair technician inspect it to find the problem. You can also take a deeper look into the potential causes with this blog and see how you can fix them.

Uneven Weight Distribution

If you observe that your washing machine is shaking occasionally, it is most likely due to uneven weight distribution in the drum. For instance, if you are washing a pillow or if a bedsheet wraps around the load resulting in the formation of a heavy ball. As the washing machine is used, the load is thrown around in the drum repeatedly at a certain speed, which causes the machine to shake aggressively.

Some machines are smart in the sense that they can detect when the machine is shaking aggressively. They can automatically adjust or stop the spin cycle to reduce the shaking. This is why sometimes you will find the load still sopping wet inside as the machine will simply stop functioning.

Furthermore, some machines force the spin cycle, which can cause expensive damage. You can notice the shaking as the machine slows down or picks up speed. To fix the issue, make sure that the load inside the drum is distributed evenly. Try washing only the lightweight items first followed by heavy-weight items.

The Washer Is Uneven

If you observe that your washing machine is constantly shaking as you place the loads inside, it means that your machine is facing some other issue. Sometimes, the machine itself tends to be uneven, leading to shaking. If the machine happens to be off-balance, it will shake with every cycle as it tries to spin. The simple solution to this issue is by shaking the machine by hand. If it shakes, it means the machine is uneven. Try placing a stand underneath or placing the machine on an even surface.

Transit Bolts Aren’t Removed

A shaking washing machine could also be due to transit bolts that were not removed. As the term suggests, transit bolts are used to keep the drum from moving during transportation. If you forget to remove the bolts, it could cause the machine to imbalance and shake aggressively while it spins. Therefore, as soon as you receive the machine, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly and remove anything that might potentially lead to shaking.

Blocked Filter

As mentioned in the beginning, a shaking washing machine could also be due to a blocked filter. The filter installed inside the machine is designed to catch anything that comes out of the clothes and prevents them from entering the water hose. If you had left some coins or any other metal item in your pockets, you are most likely to hear a noise throughout the cycle. That noise is most probably due to the blocked filter screaming for help.

So, make sure that you empty your pockets before placing the clothes inside the washing machine. Coins may not seem to cause much trouble but other items can lead to permanent damage.

Something Is Broken

And finally, it could be that something is simply broken inside the machine. A washing machine consists of several different components that can wear out with time. This could lead to the machine shaking aggressively as well. Components like shock absorbers and suspension rods and pads are mostly the reason but they are easily fixable. You will need to hire a professional or consult the user’s manual if you intend to replace the parts on your own.

Replacing the suspension rod and other related components can both be simple and tricky. Certain areas are not easily accessible, which could lead to injuries. Therefore, it is better to consult a professional who will determine the root cause of the problem and follow the right steps to fix the issue.

Final Word

Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above or consult a washer repair Springfield expert to help fix the issue before it damages your washing machine.