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How To Fix Girdling Roots Of A Tree

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. Not only do they look visually appealing but also produce oxygen for human beings and animals to breathe. However, sometimes they come across trouble as well as girdling. Girdling roots tend to cut into the main trunk of the tree and restrict the flow of nutrients and water. As a result, the tree can die the longer it has to deal with the situation. So, if you are facing the same situation, find an arborist service or use these tips to fix the issue.

What Causes Girdling Roots?

To help fix the girdling roots issue, you should understand its cause. Unlike most diseases, tree girdling does not take place without any reason. Typically, these problems are caused by homeowners due to improper implantation. Meanwhile, trees out there in the wild hardly experience tree girdling as they grow apart, at a significant distance from each other.

What happens is that plants and trees in nurseries are kept in pots for a long period of time. As the tree or plants expand, so do the roots and as the roots end up with room to grow, they begin circling the existing roots of the tree as well as the main trunk.

The same is the case when a tree is planted in a very small hole. As a result, the roots begin circling one another, cutting off the supply of essential nutrients. The good news here is that girdling roots can be easily avoided. Otherwise, if a tree is diseased, you will have a hard time determining what the actual issue is. Root girdling as compared to tree diseases is relatively easier to spot.

So, the first thing you should know about root girdling is an abnormal trunk flare. In the case of girdling roots, you will notice that the trunk will appear straight or even narrower. At the same time, you will also come across roots circling above the soil line.

How To Treat And Prevent Girdling Roots?

Perhaps the best way to treat and prevent girdling roots is by digging the planting hole of the correct size. It is most commonly believed that when it comes to planting a tree, the deeper the better, which is not correct each time. Keep in mind that the planting hole should be at least two or three times wide as the root ball and should have the same depth as the root ball.

If you observe roots encircling the root ball’s base, you will need to break these roots up and allow for normal root development. In addition to that, upon planting a new tree, you should periodically inspect the root flare of defects.

Can I Fix The Issue Myself?

If you are someone who is into trees and plants but is not aware of the technical details, you should not try out or play around with potentially life-threatening situations. Although girdling roots can easily be identified by someone who is not too much into trees, experimenting with different techniques and remedies might cause the tree to die.

Therefore, as long as the diagnosis goes, you can capture some pictures and share them with your friends or a professional to know what the issue is. However, when it comes to solving the issue, you should hire a tree expert. Treating girdling roots is not an easy process in every case. The professional will have to put in a lot of time and effort to fix the issue.

Can Girdling Roots Kill A Tree?

As mentioned previously, girdling roots can result in the death of a tree as it suffocates and restricts the flow of essential vitamins and nutrients. It is not an easy state for the tree to survive through. Therefore, the longer you ignore the situation, the more the girdling will take place. So, you will need to call in a professional or break up the tree roots on your own at your first observance.

Final Word

Fixing girdling roots is both easy and complicated at the same time depending on the intensity of the situation. If the girdling roots have just started to show up, you might be able to break them up on your own but if the situation is otherwise, you will need to call in an arborist. If the damage of the girdling roots turns out to be fatal, look for tree removal companies Bethesda to safely cut down the tree.