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The dangers of an overgrowing tree

Trees surrounding your house may be advantageous since they provide shade and function as a windbreaker. Trees may enhance the visual attractiveness of a property. These factors may lead to a rise in the value of a property. Overgrown trees might pose a safety risk near your house. There are various reasons why you should call tree services as soon as possible to get them removed.

Why should you prune overgrowing trees near your home or property? Overgrowing trees are permitted to grow near your house or property for a number of reasons.  This is because of the possibility of trees posing a substantial danger.  Here are the primary reasons:

They are prone to falling

When a tree becomes old and overgrown, its long branches cannot sustain its weight. Eventually, the branches break off. If not, a storm might easily blow a weak tree away. This might result in a number of casualties, especially if the massive tree limb falls on a house roof. It can also cause electrical lines to be damaged, perhaps causing a fire.

A falling tree may cause severe damage to your property in addition to endangering your life.

Branches may find their way into your windows.

Overgrown branches regularly force their way through the windows of your house. As a consequence, when the wind blows, insects and leaves may make their way into your house. While trees outside the window can be useful (they provide shade and help to block the wind), they can also pose a hazard if they grow into your house. Furthermore, if they get access to your roof, your sewage will be clogged. Water may potentially seep into your basement as a result.

Rodents may find their way into your house.

Small rodents may begin to penetrate your house by walking between tree branches if they are near your windows. You may also notice other bug problems in your house, such as wasp hives. This has the potential to transmit infections within your home, which is the last thing you want.

The structure of your house may be affected.

The presence of extensive root systems is a major cause of foundation degradation. Finally, this has an influence on the overall building of the home. If you have a lot of trees, they may grow into gaps in your home. This will cause foundation uplift and problems with leached water. In addition, trees have the ability to enter sewage and water systems.

The roof had been damaged.

Overgrown trees will often brush up against your roof, causing immediate damage. As a consequence of a storm or high winds, the paint on your house roof may begin to peel.

Insufficient ventilation

While a windbreak may be advantageous. Since the wind is continuously being obstructed, your home may have insufficient air circulation. As a consequence, the air in your house will get quite musty.


The above-mentioned problems are not the only ones that people face due to overgrown trees in their garden. Trees that are overgrowing often lean on one side, which also makes the soil underneath it very unstable. Furthermore, the roots of the tree might start getting too deep, which can become a hassle later on. In such cases, completely removing an overgrowing tree is the best option.

To prevent any of these problems, contact tree removal services Potomac as soon as possible. By removing trees on time, you can save some money. It also removes a substantial danger to your life and the lives of others around you. Finally, it may help to keep your house in excellent shape, enabling you to keep its worth.