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How To Design A Swimming Pool?

Designing a swimming pool is an exciting process. Not only is it meant for entertainment but also relaxation. While your swimming pool is supposed to add to the visual appeal of your house, you need to be smart and wise with your decisions as a pool without a purpose is not worth it. And if you won’t communicate what you want with your pool builder, the results will be average at best. So, let’s discuss a few tips that will help you make your money worth it.

Define A Purpose

The first question you need to ask yourself is why and how you want to use the pool. Most often, homeowners tend to ask this question in the midst or at the end of the process, which is not a good idea.

You must decide whether you need the pool for exercise, entertainment, or simply relaxation. The reason is that the purpose plays an important role when it comes to deciding the building materials, accessories, and features.

Moreover, you should also consider the shape of the pool. It could be angular, rectangular, curvilinear, rectilinear, etc. If you are planning to build a swimming pool in your backyard, you will need to take a good look both from the inside and outside.

This will help you blend your pool into the natural extension of your home. Keep in mind that this is the first and the most important step. So, take your time and consult professionals if needed.

Features Of The Pool

Once you have decided on the purpose, it is now time to think about the pool features. One thing with swimming pools is that you can add plenty of features if you have the budget. For instance, sofas, spas, and other features tend to make a lot of difference if you want your friends and family members to enjoy on a regular basis.

Furthermore, you can also incorporate a fireplace, heat source, heater, etc. to prevent the chills from getting to you in the winter. If you can, you should add the features to the original design beforehand. If not possible for any reason, you should still make space and add them later on whenever your budget allows.

Property And Local Building Restrictions

Now that you are done with the purpose and features, it comes down to the most important factor that can influence your vision. Construction of swimming pools may look easy from the outside but there are many building codes and rules to follow.

Depending on the state and country, you may or may not be allowed to add a swimming pool considering several factors such as the location or the available area. It might also be that you need to remove some trees or other existing natural features to accommodate the pool.

Therefore, you will either need to familiarize yourself or hire a contractor who can do it for you. And remember, be ready for any setbacks. Swimming pool codes and laws are quite strict and can impose heavy fines if not followed. Better be safe than sorry.


A lot of homeowners tend to confuse the practicality and purpose of the swimming pool which are two very different things. Practicality is all about convenience. While designing your swimming pool, you need to consider how easy or difficult is it going for your guests to jump in or move around the pool area.

For example, if the bathroom is on the other side of the house, everyone is going to find it difficult to get out of the pool and walk a few steps. However, if you have a room nearby where your guests can pack refreshments and all, they are going to be least bothered with the process.

Set A Budget

Setting a budget early on in the process will make you thank yourself later. As mentioned earlier, designing a swimming pool is no doubt an exciting process but you cannot afford to get lost in it. A budget setup will help ensure that you are focused on the main objective and not distracted by unnecessary items and features.

You should always prioritize things that will help make your pool practical and purposeful. Excessive or unnecessary spending on decorative items and other things will simply make the pool look more appealing but less practical.

In addition to that, setting a budget will also help with material selection and other important design factors. If you don’t know the cost of most materials, request a quote from different in ground pool builders Long Island first to get an idea of the cost.

Make A Sketch

Before your swimming pool design is finalized, you should sketch it. Sketching the entire design gives you a rough idea of what the pool looks like. However, this rough idea can also save you from a lot of troubles and complications down the road.

You can get the sketch made by a reputable company or an architect. Once you have the sketch, you can envision what the pool will look like in reality and make changes to the design or features, etc. if needed.


Materials used for building swimming pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. You will have to choose a material that matches your needs, preferences, and the purpose of the pool. From concrete to ceramic tiles, you have a plethora of options.

However, these materials come with a price as well as advantages and disadvantages. So, you need to be careful with your selection. As a general rule of thumb, you should go with something that compliments your home’s construction and serves a purpose.


If you want natural beauty to surround your pool for both aesthetic appeal and privacy, know that the trees and bushes will grow along with the leaves dropping into the pool. This could be a menace if you live in a region where rains and other natural events are regular.

If the swimming pool area is already too small, you should avoid cramping in trees and other landscaping features. Go for smaller or seasonal plants that will keep you from trimming and pruning every month.


Although maintenance is not directly related to designing a swimming pool, it is an important factor to consider since the design determines how much you will be spending on keeping the pool clean annually.

For instance, concrete pools tend to be the most expensive to build. However, they tend to outlast pools made from fiberglass and vinyl liner due to their strength. Plus, the maintenance is easy as well, as you do not have to worry about cracking or puncturing the fiberglass or vinyl during the process.

That said, you should simply opt for a design that allows you regular cleaning and maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis without having to spend excessively on expensive professional services each time.


Swimming pools tend to be a wonderful investment for your friends and family members. A common misconception is they are always expensive. But not if you are smart with your decisions. So, keep in mind the tips mentioned above when it is time to turn your dream into reality. And never ignore the importance of choosing a licensed and experienced pool contractor Long Island.