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How Long Does It Take To Build A Pool From Start To Finish

If you’re considering swimming pool construction in your backyard, you would be wondering when to hire pool builders and how much time does the process takes. This question doesn’t have a simple answer because there are many factors affecting the scheduling of pool construction. Expect several meetings with the builders for design, materials, budget, and approval of the project. We are demonstrating a typical timeline of the pool building process. Let’s begin!

Swimming Pool Design

The first phase is the design and how you want the pool to look like. Contractors have already many designs on paper. Plus, you can share your ideas to have a pool you need. The is the only process that depends on you to make a choice for moving forward. Normally, this process takes 2-4 weeks, but if you finalize a pool design early, this phase can be completed quicker.

Tips for a faster process: To ensure that the process is not held back longer, you should talk with all the decision makers of the house for everyone to be on the same page about the location, size, design, materials, and other features of the swimming pool.

Design Approval

In the second phase, consultation of an engineer is required who can green light the design you approved. It is a necessary step to let the engineer assess the design and make sure that it is structurally sound. The process takes 1-2 weeks.

Local Government Permit

We will proceed to take permit from the local government for construction. If there is a septic system, permission from health department would also be needed. This process depends much on the experience of the contractor and engineer who submit all the necessary paperwork without skipping or forgetting stuff to avoid any rejections during the process. You should wait 2-3 week for the permit.


After the permit approval, we will start excavation and install rebar. It’s the foundation of the pool to hold the structure of the pool. After this, gunite is installed to make the shell of the pool. The time taken for this process depends on the material like for vinyl and fiberglass pools, we can bring a pre-made pool liner to install and save time. Multiple inspections are carried out to confirm the construction doesn’t have any problems. Typically, this process takes 2 weeks.

There could be delays due to weather or digging area problems, but we try our best to follow the timeline. That being said, if a problem arises, we address it instead of hiding it. This will benefit you later because if a contractor finds out a problem but hides it and completes the project on time, you will experience the impact of the problem later by going through frequent inspections and repairs.

Wait For Gunite To Cure And Add Custom Features

If you chose a concrete swimming pool, it takes one month for the gunite to cure. We can add surrounding features during this time such as patio, deck, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, recreational area, and outdoor fireplace.

Finishing Touches

Once the gunite is dry, we apply plaster and give finishing touches to the pool.

So, the total time it takes from digging to a swim-ready pool is 2 months. Furthermore, if you count the design, approval, and permitting phase, this would be 3-4 months.


There are some ways you can shorten the timeline like choosing a fiberglass or vinyl pool, simpler design, less features, but it will still take 2-3 months from design to a ready-to-use pool.

Furthermore, there is no contractor that can provide a guarantee to follow the exact timeline because things happen. As mentioned earlier, if a problem arises, it can add 1-4 weeks to the total. When there is a problem, it should be fixed instead of putting it under the rug else the construction would suffer. So, hire people who are honest and don’t hide problems just to be on the timeline.

Moreover, the best time for swimming pool construction is from May to September. If you initiate the design process in March, you can have a pool ready by June-July. Hire experienced pool contractors Long Island who can remove roadblocks and finish the project on time.