Different symptoms of allergies

So, are you suspecting that you are suffering from some sort of an allergy? Well, if you are, then you may wan to know what the symptoms of allergy are from credible sources. After that, you will be more convinced to find allergy doctor right away, rather than wasting more time.

Well, there is no single symptom. There are probably tens of symptoms. Along with that, different types of allergies also sometimes tend to show different symptoms. And this is where it becomes quite complex.

You see, you cannot just tell from the symptoms that what type of allergy you are having. In order to figure out the root cause of your allergy, you will simply have to reach out to a doctor. The doctor will conduct some allergy testing and help you figure out what is flaring your symptoms up.

So, this is the first thing that you need to remember whenever you feel like you are having allergy symptoms. At the same time, allergy symptoms are sometimes just like the symptoms of other issues such as influenza, etc.

How long does it take?

Well, according to experts, the symptoms of allergies tend to develop within the first few days of exposure to the allergen. So, if you are feeling the sympitoms, chances are that you have been in contact with the allergen just recently.

For instance, among the most common symptoms of allergies, we have a runny or itchy nose. But that is also a symptom that people experience in flu viruses. However, if this symptom is coupled with a few others, then it could possibly be an allergy.

For instance, along with the sneezing, itching, and running nose, you may also experience watering eyes. Your eyes may also be red and itchy. This is yet another allergy symptom, and if it is coupled with the first one, then the chances of it being an allergy could be great.

Apart from that, many other symptoms also exist. For instance, raised and red rashes that itch are also symptoms of allergy. These are known as hives. Similarly, allergies that trigger breathing problems result in cough, shortness of breathing, tightness in chest, and wheezing.

Along with that, some people who have severe allergic reactions get their eyes, face, and lips swollen. At the same time, stomach pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting are also very common symptoms of allergy. However, these symptoms are not usually linked to allergies on their own.

What to do?

So, what should you do when you start feeling one of the above-mentioned symptoms? Well, the simplest thing to do, would be to go to an allergy doctor. In specific, if it is the allergy season, then chances of it being a flare up are even higher.

Though, you can become allergic to almost anything, at any point. So, you are not just limited to one particular thing.

Sometimes, in rarer cases though, anaphylaxis could occur, which is a severe allergic reaction. It results in the swelling of the mouth and throat, making it very difficult to breath. Also causes lips or blue skin, and the person may lose consciousness and collapse.


It is very important to reach out for medical help as soon as you are experiencing the symptoms of allergy. A doctor will be able to give you the best first aid and can help you recover easily from the symptoms.

Just remember that a symptom of allergy does not always mean that it is an allergy. But still, you should talk to the allergist doctor Manassas just to be safe and to find out the real cause behind it.