Benefits of Using Contraception Pills

Aside from preventing pregnancy, birth contraceptive pills have other benefits to your body. You might be surprised by its other benefits because they are not all related to preventing pregnancy.


Contraception pills have gone through a lot of improvements over the years, and the hormonal levels are not as potent, so there are lesser side effects, and they are even beneficial. Aside from that, there are other birth control methods available. Those will not be discussed here, but other than keeping you from going to the women’s choice clinic, contraception pills have good effects to the body as well.

You will find out what they are right now by reading this article until the end:

Menstrual Period Becomes Regular

The majority of birth control pills have 3 weeks of active pills which contain hormones and 1 week worth of placebo pills. The bleeding happens when they are no longer taking hormones when the placebo pills are being taken. A woman may increase the length between taking the active pills for a couple of weeks. There are drug companies that make pill packs with 3 months of active pills continuously. Women that have these pills only get 4 periods in a year, which is convenient when they have their final exams, social events, or sports activities.


It is easier to take the pill than worry about pregnancy. The good thing is that they come in small packs – about the same size as a cell phone – so you can take your pills no matter where you go.

The pill gives you worry-free sex because, if taken correctly, you are kept from becoming pregnant all day. A lot of people say that they have better sex lives because of the pill since there is no need to interrupt sex or think about pregnancy.

You will need to get a prescription from your doctor or a nurse to buy birth control pills. However, you might be able to get many packs once you have the prescription. Depending on where you are living, you can also buy them online.

Treats Endometriosis

Another reason why you have a painful menstrual cycle is that you have endometriosis. This is when the tissue lining grows inside the uterus. Just when progesterone pills stop the uterine lining from growing, the hormone in birth control pills limits or decreases endometriosis growth. Therefore, birth control pills reduce pain linked to endometriosis for a lot of women.

Treats Heavy Periods

Contraceptive pills have progesterone-like hormones that cause the uterine lining to become thinner, so you have lighter bleeding during your period. On some rare occasions, some women might not have bleeding at all when they have their period when they take the placebo pills. The pills currently marketed lets women get their period every month, every 3 months or 90 days, or once a year.

These birth control pills are convenient and safe. Not to mention preventing you from getting an in clinic abortion dc procedure in the future.