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How To Change The Color Of Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops come in many colors, but once you select a color and pattern and install it, it’s difficult to change it without replacing the slab. However, you can try painting your quartz counter if you want a different color, but is it fine to paint quartz countertops?

Can You Paint Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops have their unique appearance and can improve the appeal of your kitchen. But, if you want to paint your quartz countertop, you can. However, painting a quartz slab is more difficult than painting porous materials like concrete, laminate, wood, and ceramic slabs. The paint may not adhere well to the surface of the quartz.

So, if your countertop is in good condition, you should not paint it. However, if it’s old or has many cracks, painting the surface can hide the cracks and can also let you change the color of the surface.

How To Paint Quartz Countertops?

Fix And Clean The Countertop

If the countertop has imperfections like cracks and chips, you should fix them first before moving to paint the surface. Moreover, the countertop should be free of dust, food particles, grease, and other elements so use a mild cleaner. Then, use acetone on the surface which will reduce the glossiness of the quartz to some extent.

After cleaning the countertop, protect the areas surrounding the countertop. Lay drop cloths on your kitchen floor and also cover the cabinets to avoid staining.

Sand The Surface

You need to create a toothed surface so the paint adheres to the quartz slab well. So, use 220-grit sandpaper to buff the countertop. Clean the dust and make it ready for the primer.

Apply A Primer

When painting quartz countertops, you should treat them as metal and make adjustments to your painting plan accordingly. So, don’t use quartz paint because it’s for the exterior and not for countertop slabs.

Select a metal paint primer and apply it on the quartz surface following the instructions on the packaging of the primer. If the primer doesn’t adhere well, you should sandpaper the surface again and give it another coat of primer.

When applying multiple, make sure to let the surface dry after a coat before beginning with the next coat.

Select A Paint And Painting The Quartz Surface

For quartz countertops, the best options for painting the surface are aerosol and automotive paints. They adhere well to quartz countertops and can withstand heat and scratches that countertops usually have to deal with.

Moreover, you should choose these types of paint because there is no limit to colors and you can find the color you want your quartz countertop to be.

After selecting the paint, move on to painting the surface. Use a paintbrush or roller to paint the countertop with even strokes. Always start from the edges and the parts that are near the backsplash. Make sure that you’re evenly painting all the parts of the quartz surface.

Once painted, let the first coat dry and check if you should apply a second coat. In most cases, a second coat will be needed to buy the paint in the right quantity. After completing the second coat, leave it to dry.


Quartz countertops don’t require sealing but after painting them, you should seal the surface with a food-grade sealer. This will make the paint last for a longer time and prevent stains and scratches.

You can select from a few types of sealers. If you want your countertop to appear glossy, you can use a clear epoxy resin as a sealer. On the other hand, if you like a matte countertop finish, look for food-grade mineral oil as a sealer.

Additionally, if you’re looking for something in between, try polyurethane finishes because they are durable and can also provide some glossiness to your painted quartz countertop.

After selecting the sealer, apply it carefully and follow the instructions on the packaging. Let the sealant dry. When it’s dry, you can remove the drop cloths and tapes and clean the entire kitchen.


Yes, you can change the color of your quartz countertop by painting it. But it’s suggested for cracked and stained countertops. If you like the appearance of quartz countertops and want to change its color, then the only option is countertop replacement NC.