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How Can I Make My HVAC Work Better?

HVACs are an important part of homes and condos. They are made to tackle extreme temperatures and make living cozy and comfortable. Although modern HVACs are designed to be effective and efficient, there is a lot homeowners can do to ensure the units perform better. You can some maintenance tasks yourself whole some should be performed only by air conditioning repair services. We will take a look at some important factors you need to consider to keep your HVAC running as efficiently as possible.

Keep Vents Clean And Unblocked

HVAC units comprise several different parts but some parts are attached to match the needs and preferences of the users. For instance, HVAC units come with vents that help circulate cool and warm air. The reason is that HVAC units are usually used as centrally air-conditioned units.  Because of this, you don’t need to install an air conditioner in every room.

With time, the vents are supposed to become dirty as layers of dirt and dust tend to accumulate. Plus, it could also be that if the unit is sitting dormant, especially during the winter season, birds, reptiles, and other uninvited guests can take accommodation.

If the vents tend to be clogged, the HVAC unit will not be able to move and circulate the air. Eventually, the HVAC unit will come under extreme stress and burden. The components, especially the blower will work harder than usual to get the air through. Plus, you should make sure nothing is blocking the air vents.

If there is furniture, decorative items, or any other objects blocking the airflow, you will need to move them to a new location. Moreover, consider air ducts cleaning every 3-5 years.

Change The Air Filter

Even though, the air filter is a minor component of the HVAC unit but plays a crucial role in the quality and performance of the unit. Air filters purify the air by blocking dirt, dust, and contaminants. Dealing with outside air regularly brings in a lot of dirt and dust that leads to blockage.

If you tend to use the HVAC unit regularly, you must clean the air filter at least once a week or a month. Plus, if you live in an area where there dirt and dust levels are higher, you might have to clean it twice a week. Furthermore, if the HVAC unit happens to be old, it might be that the filter is cracked and needs replacement.

Fortunately, a replacement air filter does not cost much and you should always opt for the exact replacement. Air filters may look the same but vary based on the quality and their ability to trap micro-contaminants. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for getting a new air filter or get help from an AC repair service McLean.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

A common misconception surrounding maintenance and HVAC units is that the outdoor unit does not require cleaning. While it is true to some extent its job is to expel cool or warm air produced as a byproduct of the heating and cooling process. Furthermore, the outdoor unit contains all the essential components such as the coils and compressor, etc.

First, you need to make sure the outdoor unit is placed at a location away from trees, plants, shrubs, etc. This is because dead leaves and branches can easily come in contact with the outdoor unit during extreme weather conditions and block or damage the fan or motors.

Plus, if the outdoor unit is not cleaned, there is a chance that the accumulation of dirt and dust makes heat dissipation difficult. As a result, the components will undergo extreme stress and might give up, calling for a replacement.

Clean The Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils are essential components inside an HVAC unit that help dissipate hot air. Since the coils are located inside the outdoor unit, layers of dirt and dust likely accumulate on them as well. As a result of the accumulation, the coils are not able to dissipate hot air.

As a result, the increase in temperature puts the coils under extreme stress. Sooner or later, the coils give up simply because they can’t withstand the extreme heat. Unfortunately, coils do not come cheap and will need replacement.

This is why you should never underestimate even the tiniest component inside an HVAC unit. From the outside, it might seem as if everything is working fine but the increase in temperature will cause damage a lot sooner than you can imagine.

Insulate The House

To make your HVAC perform the best, you need to make sure your house is properly insulated. Although modern HVAC units come with high SEER ratings, that does not mean you ignore other factors that influence efficiency and effectiveness like home insulation. If your house happens to be old, there is a chance minor cracks, holes or damages allow air to escape.

If that is the case, the HVAC unit will continue working at its optimum instead of maintaining the temperature. This is because the air will find ways to escape and the HVAC unit will struggle to achieve and sustain the temperature.

As a result, even if your HVAC unit is the most efficient, it will still consume more electricity. This is why you need to ensure the windows, doors, and all the other areas are properly insulated to help the HVAC unit maintain the temperature.

Opt For The Right Size

This is a common mistake homeowners tend to make when it comes to buying an HVAC unit. Opting for the wrong size can directly impact the efficiency and monthly energy bills. If you opt for a small unit, it will take much longer to cool the room and will constantly run to utilize more electricity. Meanwhile, if you opt for a unit that is larger than the room itself, it will be able to maintain the desired temperature relatively quickly.

However, it will continuously trip as well, which will increase the consumption of electricity. So, either way, you are at a loss. The best way to choose the right size is by measuring the dimensions of the air conditioner and consulting an expert.

Place The Outdoor Unit In Shades Area

The outdoor unit has coils which become hot and this heat is removed from them by the fan. So, if the unit is under sunlight, heat dissipation will be harder. Install the outdoor unit in a shaded area or install a shade where you have the outdoor unit.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Finally, the last thing you need to do to keep your HVAC unit running as efficiently as possible is schedule professional maintenance. This service allows the experts to perform a thorough inspection of the unit not only to clean it but also to identify potential repairs and replacements. Considering the fact that HVAC components are interrelated, a malfunctioning component might affect the other as well.

This is where experts jump in and remove the issue before it leads to expensive and complicated situations. Plus, professional maintenance might be expensive but goes a long way in terms of avoiding problems and ensuring everything remains under control.


When it comes to making your HVAC unit perform better, you should follow the tips mentioned above. Keep an eye out for unusual signs & symptoms followed by professional maintenance by expert HVAC contractors Chantilly to protect your investment.