7 Things Your Divorce Lawyer Wants You To Know

You want a divorce and your divorce lawyer needs a client. That’s how you meet your divorce lawyer. Generally, family lawyers are skilled in communicating with people and you may think that they are sharing everything with you, but there are some things that they don’t tell you but want you to know.

Divorce Lawyers Are Not Your Emotional Support

You would want to tell your lawyer about how you feel about your spouse and your children, but they don’t need your emotions. It doesn’t mean that divorce attorneys are heartless. They work to prove your claims and need facts from you.

Besides, lawyers bill you per hour so a better way to find emotional support is by talking to anyone in your friends or family who won’t charge you a hefty amount for listening to your story. If you don’t mind spending money, call a therapist.

Your Divorce Lawyer Represents You But Not Your Child

It is easy for people to think that if a lawyer is representing them, they are representing their children as well. This is untrue.

Your divorce lawyer will know most things about your child when they step into the court for a child custody hearing, but they are only your lawyer, not your child’s. When interviewing a child, a divorce attorney usually asks the judge to do so and if the child needs representation, most lawyers suggest appointing another lawyer for the purpose.

Similarly, your divorce lawyer doesn’t represent your parents, siblings, or your best friend.

Your Divorce Attorney Doesn’t Hate Your Spouse’s Attorney

During divorce court hearings, your divorce lawyer’s heated arguments will make you believe that he/she hates your spouse’s attorney as you hate your spouse, but typically, it’s not true.

Divorce lawyers are professionals who legally fight in a courtroom for a living, but they leave out the arguments behind them when they walk out of the courtroom.

If yours and your spouse’s attorneys are on good terms, it’s in your favor if you or your spouse try settling the case amicably.

There Is No Minimum Or Maximum Cost Of Divorce

Divorce cost depend on the agreeability of both parties. The more amicable you and your spouse are during the process, the fewer court hearings (if at all) will occur, less time and money will be spent on attorneys, and the quicker the process will be. But if couples fight over every little detail, the costs pile up quickly and dangerously.

You’re divorcing your spouse and you won’t want him/her near you anymore, but for reducing the costs and speeding up the divorce process, be friendly and try to settle conflicts outside of court.

Choose Your Divorce Lawyer Carefully

You may be tempted to hire your friend who has a law degree or a cheap lawyer to save money, but it’s usually not beneficial for you. For a smooth divorce process, you need an attorney who has the expertise to advise you and represent you.

When hiring, interview at least three attorneys. Not all lawyers are the same. There are different types of divorces so the expertise of lawyers will differ too. You need a divorce lawyer who is experienced in the type of divorce you want to have.

Your Lawyer Wants You To Manage Your Expectations

Hiring a good lawyer doesn’t mean that the divorce will now go in the direction you have envisioned. Some clients come to divorce lawyers with expectations that they will get most of the assets and sole child custody.

Therefore, in your first meeting, your divorce lawyer tries to manage your expectation and tell you that what you’re expecting is too high or too low. When the client and the attorney have an understanding of what should be expected, the process will go a lot smoother.

Don’t Hide Things From Your Divorce Lawyer

Hiding important events from your divorce attorney will increase your trouble and will give an edge to your spouse. If you don’t want that, answer the questions of your attorney (during the meeting) honestly and comprehensively.


To sum it up, you’re paying money for the time of your divorce attorney Fairfax VA so listen to their advice and do as they suggest because it will benefit you in your divorce case. Moreover, prepare for your life after divorce as well.