7 Signs To Remodel Your Retail Store

Your retail store should have all the products and items your customers need, but to stand out from your competitors and attract more customers, the retail store should look modern and attractive. If you want to know whether you need to carry out a retail remodel, look for these signs.

Reduced Traffic To Your Store

Like every store owner, you would want to increase physical traffic to your store. This will lead to more sales and revenue. So, the last thing you would want is for your store to have reduced traffic.

Retail stores have to keep the existing customers loyal and attract new customers with better external and indoor design. But if you’re seeing a reduction in traffic to your store, people are finding any attraction in the store and the items.

This can be due to the outdated design of the store or the lack of newer and better features and styles that other stores are adapting. Moreover, people have a hard time trusting stores, shops, and businesses that don’t have attractive premises and lack the factor that their brand claims.

Win from your competitors and also win your customers back by renovating your store by keeping in mind the best practices and incorporating the latest features. Even if you don’t want to spend too much, a fresh coat of paint and new light fixtures won’t hurt.

Your Customers Are Going To Your Competitors

Another sign that there is something wrong with your store’s design or anything else is your competitors are getting more customers while the rate of customers in your store is reducing.

There can be many reasons for that, however, some reasons are the visual appeal, design, and infrastructure of the store. These problems can be fixed by carrying out remodeling of your store.

Study your competitors and find out the practices they are using along with the features and designs their stores have for making the best changes to your store.

Your Store’s Energy Efficiency Is Decreasing

Your store must be energy efficient to save energy and avoid high costs. In many ways, energy efficiency is related to technology and adapting to the latest trends. If you’re seeing a downtick in your store’s energy efficiency, hire a consultant to advise you on which things you should replace and renovate.

You should try replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, reusing the packages for shipping, avoiding single-use products, and more things.

You Don’t Have Enough Room

Many retail stores start in a smaller space and grow enough so the original space doesn’t suit them anymore. If your business growing well and you can notice that there is less space for the number of items available and the number of customers you receive, you should consider remodeling your store.

With the renovation, your focus would be to increase the square footage of your store and also implement ways to make the most of the available space.

Your Store Appears Outdated

Retail stores should appear new and exciting to customers. If the appearance of your store is noticeably old and the last renovation was years ago, then you should consider remodeling your store.

You may need to spend a hefty amount of money for the facelift to impress your customers, however, you will get a return quickly with increased foot traffic to the store.

Visible Wear And Tear

A retail store with chipping paint can turn off any customer and once a customer is gone, it’s hard to win them back. So, take note of the visual condition of your store and update the paint, wall décor, furniture, windows, and other items. You should also check the flooring and make sure it is not cranky and doesn’t require repairs or an upgrade.

Complains From Your Employees About The Workspace

Your employees may be spending more time in the store than you, the owner, and they are taking care of the place so they can notice problems before the owner. This is why if they are complaining about problems, you should listen to them and consider renovation if your budget allows for it.


Renovation of your retail store can cost you money, but you can attract more customers and increase sales. Hire retail store contractors McLean to begin remodeling your store.